God IS in Control – BB Winter 2017

God IS in Control

The sovereignty of God should provide believers with confidence and encouragement, even when things are not going well. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remember God’s authority and patiently endure personal struggles. This term, starting with Issac and Rebekah, we will follow God’s chosen people as they move through Egypt and fail to conquer the promised land. Throughout this portion of Scripture, we will observe God’s complete control in both good and evil circumstances.

In addition to God’s sovereignty, we will take a sidebar look into the historical trustworthiness of the Bible. Many archaeologists, historians, and even Biblical scholars deny the accuracy of the Biblical account of Israel in Egypt. We will look at the reason for this denial and investigate some of the historical and archaeological evidence that appears to agree with the Biblical account. 

Taught by Steve Cronkrite – Location: Sanctuary