A Ransom for Many – Mt 20:17-28

A Ransom for Many

Matthew 20:17-28

Joe Fauth

The Revelation of the Cross (20:17-19)

  • Wil be delivered
  • Will be condemned to death
  • Will be handed to the Gentiles
  • Will be mocked
  • Will be flogged
  • Will be crucified
  • Will be raised on the third day

The Reaction to the Cross (20:20-24)

Matthew wants us to see these things side-by-side. Mother (aunt of Jesus) comes with her two boys, apart from the others and makes a request.

It’s an inconsiderate reaction

It’s an ignorant reaction (“you do not know what you are asking”)

It’s an instigating reaction

  • “and when the ten heard it, they were indignant”

This request shows us, incidentally, something about the nature of Christian living or sanctification. Here are these men who believed Jesus. They actually believed His words from back in 19:28. And you see, that’s what true Christians do—they believe the words of Jesus. But I want you to understand that there is a growing in that belief. There is a depth to it that comes as a result of staying with Christ. That is the Christian life, it’s a life of growing in understanding the meaning and depth of the cross of Christ.

The Revolution of the Cross (20: 25-27)

  • The cross changes everything! The work of Jesus Christ on the cross changes how we think about 


  • Servants (diakonos)- a word that in its basic form gives the idea of raising the dust by hurry…to minister
  • Slaves (doulos)

This is an utter reversal of popular thought. Totally different from this present world.

Our situation

  • It revolutionizes our thoughts about and attitude in and actions because of our situation…the present situation in which we find ourselves. 

Our sufferings

Please don’t think that suffering and death is the tool of Satan, it is not. In these years of pastoral ministry I’ve often heard the approach to suffering, sickness, and death that says that Satan is the one who brings it and uses it…that it is his tool to somehow terrify us…but look at Heb 2!!!

The Result of the Cross (20:28)

  • He Came- idea that He existed before
  • He Gave- He voluntarily gave Himself as a 
  • A ransom for many…many slaves of sin were bought back. Not a price paid to Satan, not a price 

Points to ponder: