Youth Ministry at Calvary

Junior High Sunday School

For grades 7/8 we have a class that surveys the whole of the Bible, which integrates and develops all that the children have been learning through the elementary Sunday School curriculum.

Senior High Students Integrate with Adult Body Builder Classes

Once senior high age is reached we encourage the young men and women to participate in the adult Sunday School program, which we call Body Builders. One of our aims is to help in the transition to adult-hood as this age group learns and fellowships with the other adults at Calvary.

C2C – Committed to Christ

C2C (Committed to Christ) meets on Wednesday evenings and includes both Junior and Senior high. While there is a relaxed environment, the focus is on learning to love Jesus Christ through His Word and through discipleship and fellowship. Each night includes music, an interactive teaching time, and small groups. There is often a game and food to enjoy.