Mark My Words: Scripture Memory – BB Winter 2017

Mark My Words: Scripture Memor

This class is intended to engage you in the work of Scripture memory.  You will be provided with the tools and techniques to memorize the book of 1 Peter and will be challenged to put that into practice during this course.  Lessons will be sourced from 1 Peter with an aim toward devotional application.  


 Active participation, consistent classroom attendance, outside reading and memorization work.  

Taught by Pastor Joe – Helder Hall

God IS in Control – BB Winter 2017

God IS in Control

The sovereignty of God should provide believers with confidence and encouragement, even when things are not going well. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remember God’s authority and patiently endure personal struggles. This term, starting with Issac and Rebekah, we will follow God’s chosen people as they move through Egypt and fail to conquer the promised land. Throughout this portion of Scripture, we will observe God’s complete control in both good and evil circumstances.

In addition to God’s sovereignty, we will take a sidebar look into the historical trustworthiness of the Bible. Many archaeologists, historians, and even Biblical scholars deny the accuracy of the Biblical account of Israel in Egypt. We will look at the reason for this denial and investigate some of the historical and archaeological evidence that appears to agree with the Biblical account. 

Taught by Steve Cronkrite – Location: Sanctuary

The Church in a Changing World – BB Winter 2017

The Church in a Changing World

Grow in wisdom for today by learning about the past. In this class we will look at some of the key men and movements of the church over the last 200 years. The Church has grown as God has promised  but there have been many challenges along the way. We will look at the UK and USA  and on such men as Charles Spurgeon, Billy Graham. We will also learn about the development of the Black Church, Liberalism and Pentecostalism.

Taught by Pastor Rodney – Helder Hall

Nursery Info


Childcare Information

Children are an important part of our church family. We have ministries for all ages, from nursery through high school. Scroll down to learn more.
We want to provide both a spiritually enriching and safe environment and so we take our responsibility seriously as you entrust your children to our care. All those who serve in the children’s ministry at Calvary Bible Church have undergone an application process that examines the biblical and skill qualifications of those who serve. The application process also fulfills our obligations under Pennsylvania law.
Scroll down to learn more.


We provide nursery for all Sunday services as well as for Wednesday night activities. The nursery is located on the same level as the sanctuary off the main hallway on the East (Gym side) of building. This hallway is access through the doors at the top of the ramps.

First Visit
On your first visit to the nursery you will be asked to fill out an information card, sign your child in and receive the nursery policy. Only those listed will be able to pick up your child. Parents are to note on the information card any allergies their child may have as toddlers are given animal cookies as a snack.

We understand there are times that as parents we feel our children may not be ready to stay in the nursery without a parent. The nursery is a controlled environment with restricted access to approved nursery workers. If you need to be with your child there are rooms which you are free to use (ask the nursery workers for directions).

Please Supply
diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifier, complete change of clothing, favorite toy, teething ring, extra formula, baby food, utensils, bibs.

Well Baby
We operate a well-baby program and for the protection of all our children in the nursery we use the following guidelines: 1) Infants/Toddlers with fevers, rashes, fresh colds/coughs should not be brought to the nursery. 2) Medicine: We prefer not to administer medications. If this is absolutely necessary parents should see the nursery director.

Nursing Mothers
There is a separate area (labeled: “Nursing Mothers” on the door) for mothers who wish privacy to breast-feed their infants. This room also has a microwave for use in heating up formula. The door to this room can be locked to assure privacy.

Once children reach the age of 2-2/1 they will graduate to Sunday School class for ages 2/3. We also have children’s church for ages 2-5.

Children’s Church
For children who attend the ages 2/3 and 4/5 Sunday School class we also have a children’s church during the main service (10:30am). As with the Sunday School classes we provide an environment where children can grow in their understanding of the greatness and glory of God through Bible instruction and song. Located below the auditorium level.

Elementary School
Our Sunday School classes are divided up according to grade groupings: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6. The 5/6 class meets in the gym. For all of these classes we use the Children Desiring God curriculum.

KtC (Kid’s Treasuring Christ) is our Wednesday evening children’s program for this age group.

Faith Walk – College

Faithwalk meets each Wednesday evening (7:00-8:30) for a time of study and fellowship. College is a significant time of transition when there are new pressures, temptations and questions. Faithwalk is an opportunity to thoughtfully interact in the process of understanding an applying God’s Word in the process of spiritual growth.
Our purpose is that you will increasingly experience the reality of Christ’s power to transform you into his likeness through his gospel by:
  • Reflecting on God’s Word
  • Considering the Scripture’s personal implications
  • Encouraging one another in our pursuit of Christ
  • Growing in meaningful friendships
  • Praying with each other
  • Fulfilling our purpose to worship

Discipleship and Counseling at CBC

Introduction to Discipleship and Counseling at Calvary Bible Church

Our goal is that there be a culture of fellowship and discipleship at CBC where members are naturally involved in each others lives, caring for one another through wise conversation, practical help and prayer. While every Christian has a responsibility to live in a loving and caring way towards others, our church recognizes that there are some who are especially gifted to help with life’s most difficult problems.

The Nature of Counseling at Calvary

Counseling is a way to describes an aspect of discipleship. It is the process of answering the question, “How do I experience Christ’s redemptive work and the promised help of His Spirit in this experience of suffering or struggle?” Thus the type of counseling we do is shaped by a Christ-centered view of human life and experience as found in the Christian Scriptures. We take seriously the physical/biological, social and developmental nature of our difficulties.