How our doctrine drives ministry.

The Scriptures teach that the church is not a building but is the community of believers who are united by one Spirit through one Savior, Jesus Christ. The church exists by God’s grace and for His glory as His dwelling place in the Spirit so that the fullness of Christ should be seen. By His Grace, God is adding people to the church and conforming them into the image of His Son. We desire to always be in the process of treasuring Christ more and more, above every other person, passion, possession and pursuit. 

The essential foundation for spiritual growth and joyful worship is the sufficiency of God’s Word,  the Bible, which is divinely inspired in its entirety. This conviction is demonstrated in our commitment to expositional preaching and exegetical teaching. Not only are the Scriptures sufficient for reconciliation with God, they are also sufficient for every area of the believer’s life and thus for spiritual change. It is only through the Bible that we come to know the Glory of God as revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ. 

With the conviction that apart from Jesus Christ there is no other name by which men may be saved, Calvary Bible Church seeks to evangelize both locally and around the world.  The people of Calvary Bible Church minister in many areas such as Vacation Bible School, prison ministry, and ministry in retirement homes. We are also involved in international ministry sending out the saints to ministry in such areas as Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Papua New Guinea and Paraguay. 

Realizing that God has designed His Church to be a community of believers, we seek to facilitate fellowship for the purpose of developing relationships that stir one another on to love and good works. We do this through Growth Groups and family nights. 

We also seek to equip the Church for ministry for the growth of the body of Christ. ‘Body Builders is a series of classes with a structured format for focused study. This goes hand in hand with the other bible studies and ministries of Calvary Bible Church. 

All of us at Calvary Bible Church are in the process of spiritual growth. We welcome you to become a part of this church family as we seek to grow in the knowledge and experience of the fullness of God in Christ.
Here is our Statement of Faith. Have you read about our Commitments of Calvary?