Real Religion Matthew 12:38-50

Real Religion

Matthew 12:38-50
We will make note of three dangers that we must avoid (outline from Eric Alexander):

(1) Religion without Repentance (12:38-42)
(2) Religion without Regeneration (12:43-45)
(3) Religion without Relationship (12:46-50)

(1) Religion without Repentance (12:38-42)

  • The Scribes come with what seems to be a very polite request but it is really the epitome of arrogance and hypocrisy.
  • This request for a sign is not indicative of religious fervor or zeal, but actually of a sinful heart
  • They weren’t lacking the Truth or proof of the truth, they were lacking repentance
  • The people of Ninevah repented
  • The Queen of Sheba with humble heart sought God’s wisdom
  • Self-righteousness has no room for repentance and so the consequence is judgment

(2) Religion without Regeneration (12:43-45)

  • Moral renovation does not lead to salvation, only regeneration
(3) Religion without Relationship (12:46-50)
  • In contrast to the unbelief of the religious leaders, Jesus addresses His true disciples
  • Those who have truly repented and submitted themselves before Jesus are ones who love God and love His Son.
  • The natural consequence of love is obedience
  • Notice that Jesus talks of obedience as what will happen rather than giving a command as to what should happen.
Reflection & Application
1. In what ways are you tempted to demand something of God without having a heart of repentance before Him?
2. Consider areas of disobedience in your life. How do these areas reflect your lack of submission and trust in Christ?