The Increase and the Influence of the Kingdom Mt 13:31-33

The Increase and Influence of the Kingdom

Matthew 13:31-33 Joe Fauth

  • There are two parables in Matthew 13:31-33 and the main focus is:
  • The small beginning of the Kingdom of heaven.

There are three points that will help us to work our way through the text for this morning 

  1. The Expectation for the Kingdom 
  2. The Expansion of the Kingdom 
  3. The Extent of the Kingdom

The Expectation for the Kingdom.

  • What did the people expect and why? Zech. 8:3
  • What is reality?
  • In the Kingdom of Heaven (this present age) there will be:
    • Fruitless
    • Frauds
    • Foes
    • Forsakers

The Expansion of the Kingdom.

  • It’s picture
  • It’s plan

The Extent of the Kingdom.

  • Personally
  • In the world

Three points of application:

  • Life and ministry for the glory of God is NOT in vain!
  • Only one life will soon be passed, only what’s done for Christ will last!
  • The Kingdom has a delightful smell!

Discussion Questions

  1. When have there been times where you have felt discouraged that worldly entities seem to flourish while it seems the church is not growing? 
  2. What truths from this passage encourage your heart? 
  3. How do these truths affect the way you evangelize? 
  4. How do these truths affect the way you minister within the church?