Kingdom Chronicles Mt 13:1-23

Kingdom Chronicles

Matthew 13:1-23; Joe Fauth


  • In the previous chapter we saw a general rejection of Jesus

  • This naturally leads to the question: Why do some reject the good news of the Kingdom and some accept?

The Parable (13:1-9)

  • a Parable is a story used to teach spiritual truth

When He Taught

  • the same day that Jesus addressed the unbelief of many who rejected Him

Where He Taught

  • by the sea of Galilee

Who He Taught

  • teaching the crowds-cf. Luke 8:4

  • specifically teaching His disciples

How He Taught

  • seated in a boat

What He Taught

  • He was teaching about the Kingdrom of heaven (13:11)

The Purpose (13:10-17)

  • Matthew inserts an important question which was asked after the crowds had gone home (Mark 4:10)

  • The disciples could not but notice a change in the way that Jesus was teaching

  • Jesus then teaches them about the nature of parables

To Reveal Truth

  • Jesus taught in parables with those of faith in mind To you it has been given to know

To Conceal the Truth

  • The teaching in parables was also an act of judgment on those who had hearts of unbelief

The Point (13:18-23)

  • The first parable was foundational to all the other parables ()

  • In the parable of the soils Jesus discusses the various ways people respond to the message of the kingdom. One group responds with understanding the others do not understand

The Hard-Hearted Hearer

The Shallow-Hearted Hearer

The Worldly-Hearted Hearer

The Humble-Hearted Hearer

3 Clear Implications

  1. You must hear and understand.

  2. You must use care in how you hear

  3. You must sow-spread the word of the kingdom–Tell others!

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