When Satan Mingles with the Church


When Satan Mingles with the Church

Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43 – Joe Fauth

  • A parable is a story used to teach spiritual truth
  • The subject of the parables is the Kingdom of Heaven
  • The first parable taught that we can expect four responses to the message of the Kingdom only one which is a response of faith
  • Jesus goes on to teaches a series of parables right after the other

The Story Jesus Shared 13:24-30

  • a wealthy landowner
  • Sowing good seed
  • An enemy sowing weeds
  • The servants recognize the problem
  • They are told to wait till harvest time

The Solution that Jesus Supplies. 13:36-40

  • landowner-Son of Man-Jesus preferred messianic title. Daniel 7:13
    • The field is the world
  • Sowing good seed-sons of the kingdom
  • The enemy sowing weeds-the devil/Satan
  • Weeds-sons of the evil one

The Significance that Jesus Suggests 13:40-43

  • there will be a future gathering out of the kingdom
  • Regarding a fiery judgment
  • With a promise for righteousness
    • You will be glorified, transformed into the image of the son
    • You will be in the kingdom
    • You are in the family
  • Do you have ears? – Can you understand?
    • Examine yourselves